Thursday, October 9, 2014

Freedom of WHAT???

Freedom of........ ??:
(Sociopaths do not have the "freedom" to destroy).
 So, I've been contemplating doing some research and writing an article for our city newspaper about a misguided obsession with our freedoms. I love my country and appreciate our freedoms, but you know, there comes a time when you realize there are some really pathological, anti-social people out there, and some laws are put in place in a civil society to protect those of us who simply want to live in a pollution-free environment, which includes air and noise and visual pollution. I know it's hard for some people to realize this, but (take it from a long-time mental health professional), sociopaths are out to destroy our peace. That's what they DO....Take, for example,  an evil troll-like man who "owns" the field abutting our back yard....Most recently, we spent over $1000 putting up a 6' tall fence in order to block out the constant influence of ugly trash they seem to love to spread around with chaos in tow all the time. This is what they DO.... So, as predicted, within a week of the fence being up, evil troll man places this "thing" (see photo) up against our fence. Of course, it has to be TALLER than the fence we put up. It appears to be some kind of highway construction site signage thing, which has no use in an open field as far as I can see.
My main point for ALL of us is this:
Whenever we have called the "law" about this pollution of which I speak, every single time with one exception, we have heard the same response: "they can do whatever they want to on their own property".
I have a problem with that. NOBODY should be allowed to use their property as a means to destroy the peace of others.... So I'm researching the ordinances in our city of Louisville, Kentucky to see just what the "law" says about such things... If I don't get a response that is satisfactory, I am going to go above them if I have to make it to the Supreme Court. We have done nothing but create beauty and harmony in our environment here and we feel we deserve the full protection of the law against predators and sociopaths and, frankly, the earth deserves a break from these sick people. Let me repeat that: THE EARTH NEEDS A SERIOUS BREAK FROM SOCIOPATHS WHO RAPE AND PILLAGE THE LAND,  AND POISON AND DESTROY THE ECOSYSTEM IN THOUGHT AND IN DEED.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014



Diversity and CHOICES on the "Free Will Planet":


 Like many of you, I have a lot of different kinds of friends, in person and here on Facebook. I sometimes wonder how that works because I'm SURE that some of my posts fall on deaf ears, or maybe even irritate some of my friends.

 When, for example, I might post something with the words "Jesus" or "Christian", or "spirituality", please don't assume that you know exactly what I mean when I say that. I've been on this journey for ALL of my life. It's been a conscious journey all along, and this type of journey was FORCED on me by the early loss of a parent. I've not been much of a joiner type and yet have had "many more {non-biological} fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters" than most people could imagine... At times, I've felt the awful sting of almost complete orphan-hood, and at other times have felt the sweet comfort of a loving community. But what I've NEVER had in this lifetime is a sense of being settled nor fully at home. This is a gypsy life for me and I've come to accept that as the framework for accepting so many different types of people into my life. As a matter of fact, I really ENJOY being in multi-cultural settings with many different languages and styles of dress and dance and song.

 Moral of the story:

 Hopefully, through global social media, we ALL are learning now to objectively respect others' journeys and hope that each person realizes the wonderful gift of autonomy and choices... We can simply turn the page and move the story.... That's our Divine birthright. We have CHOICES!!! But we make the best choices from the perspective of spirituality. I am convinced of it... By that, I mean that we recognize our essential place in Creation...We do that best, I'm convinced, by casting off any messages of shame or guilt or imprisonment of any kind. Should such entrapment try to ease its way into my life, I've learned to take on the words of the "Christ"-- "Get thee behind me Satan"... "I can see what you're doing and I'm not going there. I will give not give you my freedom to choose. I will not"...


 Anne Milligan, LCSWC