Thursday, January 24, 2013

I, Too, Have a Dream

I, Too, Have  a Dream:
Anne Milligan

On the occasion of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Yes to life and the freedom to dream. To dream is not a fantasy, but a reality.
It is the ability to SEE what has not come to pass,  just yet, but has already been there on some dimension of reality, all along.  How could it NOT be? If it can be dreamed, it is already there.  Otherwise how would we know to dream it?  We just need to find the barriers that keep us from getting there.  What binds up and keeps we human beings stuck in the ordinary more than any other factor? Fear. 
I am learning from my advanced certification course in Neuro-Noetic Hypnotherapy from INNH that fear/resistance is also a neurological process that inhibits change and the growth of new brain cells.  Due to the component of “mirror neurons”,  fear-based human beings  can really "tag" and affect us greatly, since we operate so quickly out of fear. That is how mass movements get started.  People convince others that there is not enough of something or too much of something... The news media is absolutely FEEDING this kind of mass fear movement in amazingly sophisticated ways these days.  I am convinced that NOTHING stands to divide us as a nation more than this kind of fear-mongering.

Trying to convince a fear- and- drama-obsessed structure or person that the world is beautiful and not to be lived from one crisis to another is extraordinarily difficult and nigh on impossible,  as they are often addicted to it.  What helps us unlock from fear?  Images and thoughts of kindness and nurturance.  People who care for each other and for us.   Loving friends, parents and grandparents.  Memories of being surrounded by love, even if we have to create an imaginary place for that within.  Even if we have to go inside and create an alternative reality,  a safe place in which our image of the most caring person in the whole world surrounds, loves, and protects, then ennobles and encourages our best self to emerge. I've had my dreams hampered and just plain clobbered enough times in my life to know what is OK and not OK for me. I just take my little inner child and get away. Then I remind "little Anne" that she was NOT born to sit back and let others trample her innocence and love for life and dreaming.  No way.  Nor were you, my friends. We live in a universe of extraordinary abundance. We are a cornucopia of Original Delight to the Creator of everything. "Do not be afraid". "Fear not".  Dreaming into a rich and happy future, full of health and delight, for all beings everywhere.   May it be so for you also.   Namaste.   May it be done.
Anne Milligan, LCSW
Therapist and Hypnotherapist
4010 Dupont Circle #480
Louisville, KY  40207
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