Monday, January 28, 2013

Longing for Change & Getting What You Want

Anne Milligan. January 27, 2013
Note: At the bottom of this post, you will find a guided brief hypnosis session to relieve the impact of a negative memory. Although this is a very powerful technique, it is in no way intended to replace 1:1 therapy/hypnotherapy with a licensed therapist or other medical professional. DO NOT use this for PTSD or other serious traumatic memory issues in which you need a therapist to be with you.

Every day, I resolve to remember that permanent change always starts with a change on the inside. Our perspective makes ALL the difference in the WORLD in terms of whether we are able to really change or just mouth the words with resolutions that never pan out. Lately, I've been approaching this by making two columns on a blank piece of paper. One column is titled "Want" and the other column "Need". There is a huge difference between the two. The truth is that, if we are living an authentic life*, our needs are most likely already met, or will be met when we need them. The "want" is where we often get stuck.  Often, all we need is a change of perspective if there is a block between our current status and our wants. These are some of the most common blocks to having our "wants" met:
A sense of unworthiness and a thought pattern attraction to "less than".
An emotional blockage that needs to be freed in order for there to be a SPACE for something new to move in. Most often this is an attachment to pain and victimhood. That is a tough one and many of us do not want to acknowledge it. We may both ask for help and hold defiantly to the victim role at the same time, as if our LIFE depended on it. This HAS to change in order for anything new to happen. Consider the fact that 90% of our brain cells are currently unused!!!! That doesn't sound like victim, does it?

Another block to "wants" is the inability to focus. This is where I have experienced the most potential for change, in my own life and the lives of others. We simply must learn to focus. In our current situation, brain research has shown that we use a huge percentage of our visual energy, for example, on scanning the environment for threat. When we perceive constant threat, we cannot grow. We cannot see the blessings and the possibilities that abound in the universe and in ourselves. WE MUST LEARN TO FOCUS AWAY FROM THREAT AND INTO BLESSING.
How do we accomplish this if still attached to the victim role?
I personally believe that hypnotherapy holds the key. I really do. I have seen it over and over again. I believe this is possible because of the way our mind gravitates toward the most familiar patterns FIRST and only changes those patterns with an intervention that is MORE powerful than the familiar pattern of thought.  Hypnosis in the context of therapy (hypnotherapy) allows for selective thinking, i.e., intention to take hold and helps break the old pattern and recreate a more functional new one.
*If you do not feel you are living an authentic life (one that you have personally evaluated for meaning and purpose), then it is possible that you are working against yourself.  Hypnotherapy and life coaching can also help you formulate a new pattern that is congruent with your core beliefs and that satisfies the existential human desire to connect positively with others.

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